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What does the future look like for cloud delivered cybersecurity solution?

Analyst Chair: Fernando Montenegro, Senior Principal Analyst, Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Intelligence Service, Omdia

Haiyan Song, Executive Vice President and the Head of Security, F5
Chad Skipper, Global Security Technologist in the Network and Advanced Security Business Group, VMware
Sashi Jayeratnam, Senior Director of Product Management for Security Solutions, Spirent Communications

Network & Data Center Security

Analyst Chair: Mauricio Sanchez, Research Director, Network Security & Data Center Appliance, SASE Market Research, Dell’Oro Group

Gail Coury, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, F5 Networks.
Jordan LaRose, Director of Consulting and Incident Response, F-Secure.
Dr. Ronald Layton, Vice President, Converged Security Operations, Sallie Mae Bank.
Vivek Bhandari, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Networking and Security Business Unit, VMware.

Rapidly Evolving Trends in Cloud Networking and Cloud-Native Security

Scott Raynovich, Principal Analyst and Futuriom

Kelly Ahuja, Chief Executive Officer, Versa Networks
Kevin Deierling, Vice President of Marketing, Mellanox Technologies
MK Palmore, Field Chief Security Officer, Palo Alto Networks

The Dark Web: Fight back to Protect Your Networks and Data

Host: Vikram Phatak, Founder & Board Members at NSS Labs

Thomas Edwards, Special Agent in Charge at U.S Secret Service San Francisco Field Office, The Department of Homeland Security
Ted Ross, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Spy Cloud
Jan Guldentops, ‘White Hat’ Hacker

The CyberSecurity Threat Landscape

Vikram Phatak, Founder of NSS Labs

Michael Levin, Chief Executive Officer & Founder at CFISA
Ted Ross, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder at SpyCloud
Paul Kraus, Vice President, Engineering at NetScout
Thomas Edwards, Special Agent in Charge at U.S Secret Service San Francisco Field Office at Department of Homeland Security